Fieldwire Offers A Task-Management App For The Construction Industry


Even as other industries adopt technology to improve productivity and make them more efficient, there are some like construction that are still locked into old, mostly manual processes for project management. A startup called Fieldwire wants to change that, with a mobile-first collaboration platform that is targeted at construction workers.

Fieldwire is made up of a website and mobile app that enables project managers and foremen to create a list of tasks and rank them based on priority. As things change, they are able to very quickly reorganize those tasks, which helps to make workers more productive.

Some industry estimates suggest construction workers on site only spend about 30 percent of their time building, Fieldwire co-founder and CEO Yves Frinault told me. The rest of the time is spent on prep work or waiting for instructions of for materials to be delivered.

Fieldwire is designed to make them more efficient…

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