GoSquared Launches People Analytics To Help Businesses Get A Better Understanding Of Customers


As GoSquared celebrates its 9th birthday — James Gill, James Taylor and Geoff Wagstaff started the company when they were just 14 — the London-based ‘startup’ is launching its most ambitious product to date.

Best known for its real-time web analytics offering, which competes with Chartbeat, Google Analytics and other companies in the real-time analytics space, GoSquared’s newly released ‘People Analytics’ aims to tackle a potentially bigger problem: namely, consolidating all of the user data a typical SaaS company has stored in multiple and siloed software to help them get a much better understanding of customers.

Those silos typically span internally built tools, third-party billing systems, support desk software, web analytics, and “bulky” CRM systems, meaning that to solve a particular customer’s problem they each need to be interrogated separately. Not only is this time consuming but requires staff to have been trained to use each disparate piece of software.

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