Tech Companies Praise The FCC’s Net Neutrality Plan


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced this morning that he will invoke Title II and reclassify consumer broadband access as a telecommunications service, something that is anathema to Internet providers.

As you might expect, the usual rollout of commentary is currently descending in the inboxes of anyone even tangentially related to the issue. I won’t bore you with all of the mess, but a few notes for tone are worthwhile. Keep in mind that the market generally expects large Internet providers to sue over the FCC’s plan. Those firms have said as much, and do not appear to be very good at poker.

First, the asinine: I give you the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Ryan Radia:

This regulation will essentially cause consumers to pay more for less. In addition to imposing a new annual fees on each broadband subscriber, the FCC’s proposal will almost certainly cause Internet providers to invest less in…

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