Big Data On The Keyboard


Editor’s note:Maoz Schact is the CEO of Ginger Software, a mobile keyboard developer.

The Information Age has the potential to overwhelm. When that happens on a technical front – when the volume of data is so large that traditional databases cannot handle it, or not handle it well – the industry refers to the phenomenon as “big data.” The term has even come to refer to the technological processing that takes place with the vast amounts of data.

Thus, any time a category of data contains billions (or even trillions) of records from all over the web and other sources, we are talking about big data. Often we don’t even notice the “big data” aspect of our daily encounters with technology, such as when it comes to the autocorrect feature on mobile devices, word-processing programs, email clients and more.

Autocorrect and Word Suggest

Despite the often comical renditions provided…

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