A Year Later, $19 Billion For WhatsApp Doesn’t Sound So Crazy


Messaging is the center of mobile. Snapchat is raising at around a $20 billion valuation. And no one cares who owns apps. On February 19th, 2014, we didn’t know any of these things for sure. So when Facebook announced it would pay $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp — an app most American pundits had never used — it seemed ludicrous. Zuck had to be crazy, right?


Without WhatsApp, Facebook’s international situation would look a lot dicier. And if a competitor like Google acquired it instead, it could have been disastrous.

Instead, Facebook possess the most popular messaging app, and has neutralized the biggest threat to its global domination of social networking.


Chat Is The Mobile Portal

No apps get opened as often as messaging apps. While you might spend longer in total scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, the frequent short sessions with chat apps make them…

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