The Plight of the African American Male


Who, outside the immediate family of the victim, is there to mourn the loss of African American men in our community? Tales of police brutality and wrongful deaths of young black men do not get the scrutiny and publicity that they deserve. The optic lens of the microscope that examines the horrific tales of wrongful deaths is purposefully blurred. It gives a vague analyses of the facts and a distorted view of the circumstance. There is very little situational awareness as it relates to these crimes and the cries of the victims fall on deaf ears. We are left with the memories of these young men that, we hope, will live in infamy but very rarely ever do. From Emmet Till to Trayvon Martin we encounter simplified versions of stories that are depicted as cut and dry or black and white, while these modern day nightmares and others like them…

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Academic Journals published by libraries?

Mr. Remi Pulwer

Should libraries get involved in on-line publishing of academic journals?

Smaller communities of Collages might be more inclined to publish in a local Journal backed by the institutional name of a University. Open access models are more acceptable now among academics. Grants that are available to scholars for open access publishing are limited, so libraries could provide services in that niche…

What do you think?

check : PannState University Journal (digital publishing)

the most common software used by academic institutions for Academic Journal publishing it seems to be Open Journal System

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Predatory publishers: who CAN you trust?

Library Research Plus

Open Access iconOne of our responsibilities as OA advisors at Manchester is to keep track of so-called predatory publishers, and advise our researchers on publishers they should avoid.  It can be hard to separate wheat from chaff, so we rely, where possible, on others helping to do this. Until recently, we recommended Jeffrey Beall’s list, a well-known directory maintained in the US.  However, we have now removed the link, and will no longer advise our colleagues to use it.  Here’s why …

Some of the work we do extends beyond Manchester and is about sharing our experience.  We are currently lead institution on opeNWorks, a Jisc-funded Pathfinder project which aims to share best practice with colleagues from the North West region who have limited experience of providing OA support for researchers and to develop a community of good OA practice.  The purpose of the community is to ensure that trusted advice…

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Around the Shop, On the Shelf 5/15/15


Walking through the store the other day, a stack of books piled high in one arm and ready for reshelving, a bookseller’s eye was drawn to the cover of a book that was faced out on a shelf. She set down her stack and pulled the book off the shelf and investigated.

It’s a story told often, the draw of a striking cover discovered on a bookstore shelf. It happens to booksellers as often as it does anyone else. In that spirit, we’ll be highlighting some of the books that adorn our shelves with a striking allure every Friday over on our instagram feed. Here are a few covers that grabbed our attention this week.

Is Shame Necessary?: New Uses for an Old Tool by Jennifer Jacquet

Jacket design by Janet Hansen

An urgent, illuminating exploration of the social nature of shame and of how it might be used to…

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Medley of Fudge

Crowded Earth Kitchen

WIN_20150515_190501We’re back! Crowded Earth Kitchen celebrated the end of Exam Week by taking a hiatus. We loaded Half Pint, Pickle in the Middle, and Half Grown into the kidmobile and headed “up North” to the land of waterslides, miniature golf courses, restaurants with paper moose antler hats (seriously), ice cream parlors, and fudge shops. The kids arrived back home sleep deprived, over sugared, and smelling faintly of chlorine. In other words, they had a great time.

But about the fudge… what is it about family tourist destinations and fudge shops? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered one without the other. It’s not like fudge is ever on my grocery list, but on kid-centered vacations, stopping for fudge is an absolute must.

Clockwise from the top in the photo above, we sampled root beer fudge, Heath bar fudge, classic chocolate fudge, and milk chocolate vanilla swirl fudge. Which of these treats…

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Power to the patron!

thoughts, ramblings, & rants of a librarian

Recently, 9 May 2015, I graduated with my undergrad degree, a Bachelors of Science in Science. 3 and a half years studying biology, and I am so happy with that! I have always been curious about human biology and how the body works for the longest time and I was lucky enough to get to study it. And now know what is happening in our cells and the many processes that take place.

I’m not taking the traditional path after graduation as one with a degree in biology might. I have been accepted to library school! I could give you the whole back story about why, and I want to, but that’s for a different post. Just know library service makes me happy, getting to help people everyday makes me happy. Not only am I happy, but my heart is also.

So, in library school I want to focus on…

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