Discussion Group

Our CaribLibInfoTrends discussion list  is hosted by Librarians 3.0 and Google groups.

Please let Demar Cornwall know if you’re having trouble with your subscription.

Subscribing to the Caribbean Library and Information Trends mailing list

Note: You need to have a Google account to join this mailing list as it is managed by Google Groups, if you do not please email Mr Cornwall.

1.) Visit https://groups.google.com/d/forum/cariblibtrends with your web browser, and sign in using your Google Account.

2.) Choose how you want to read messages that are sent to this group.

3.) Verify that the email address selected is the one you want to use from this group.

4.) Verify that the nickname shown is how you want to be identified in the group.  Most people use their full name here.

5.) Click “Apply to this Group”.

At this point, the administrators of the group will review and approve your membership.  This could take up to 1-2 business days.  If you are unsure if you were approved and it has been longer than 5 business days, please contact Demar.


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