New Acquisition @NLJ:- The Bolt Supremacy

New Acquisition at the National Library of Jamaica.


Moore, Richard. The Bolt Supremacy: Inside Jamaica’s Sprint Factory. London: Yellow Jersey Press, 2015. Print.

Richard Moore’s work The Bolt Supremacy: Inside Jamaica’s Sprint Factory takes a different lane into discussions of speculations surrounding the success of Jamaican track athletes. Moore’s work offers some distinction from the general roar of the crowds skeptical of these success in that it attempts to distinguish “…facts and conjecture, opinion and evidence”. He holds firmly that success in sports can be achieved without performance enhancing drugs.

The Bolt Supremacy is among several other works featuring Jamaican sports available at the National Library of Jamaica. Visit their website and peruse their catalogue for other interesting works. Or come down to the NLJ at 12 East Street, Kingston.



NLJ’s 2016 Distinguished Lecture


Save the DATE: Sunday, October 2, 2016

NLJ’s 2016 Distinguished Lecture

Title: Una Marson : Animating the archive of an extraordinary life.

Presenter – Alison Donnell, Professor of Modern Literatures in English, University of Reading, UK.

Spotlight on Diversity: Are Your Library Shelves White-Washed?

Author: Jess Bacon

Blog: 5Min Librarian
As librarians, we strive to build a balanced collection that circulates, from a good mix of different genres to coverage of the big topics. This may lead to problems, though, if you are not paying a close enough attention to diversity. The Cooperative Children’s Book Center just published results to their survey about diversity in the publishing world. The results are eye opening.

So You Want to Be a Reference Librarian

We here at the 5 Minute Librarian try to write for every type of librarian, from children’s services through academia, and everything in between. We know that the world of librarianship is vast and varied, and we are but three people. As such, we have decided to speak to some librarians in other areas, and learn more about their particular specialties. This week, we reached out to the phenomenal Tina McEvoy, who works as the Assistant Director and Reference Librarian at the Lawrence Library in Pepperell, MA, to talk to us about her job, and what you might need to know if you aspire to be as awesome as she is.
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Hero’s are made each and every day.
Some we know, other’s, vanish in the fray.
To know one, is a thing of glory.
You’ll be amazed listening to their story.
“I’m not a hero, I just did what I had to do.
I’d do it all over again, be it for him, her or you”
In the distance, I saw a disaster.
I ran to save a life, that’s all I was after.
A life I was able to spare
For my own, I didn’t care.
Maybe, just maybe, that’s why I was put here,
So that tomorrow, my story you will share.
Maybe you’re a husband or even a wife
Doesn’t matter, for you, I gave my life.
I may be gone, my body still and cold.
You’ll never forget me, for eternity, I’ll live in your soul.

by Vincent Sacco

Source (Social Development Commission)